Multifunctional forest management / CTFC

Our consideration of multifunctional forest management is based on knowledge and the development of tools that ensure the ecological, social and economic values of the forest ecosystems, guaranteeing the sustainable provision of goods and services.

We analyse and evaluate the modelling of forest dynamics to promote a silviculture aimed at adapting to environmental and social changes, based on knowledge of how forests function. Research and innovation at various scales of multifunctional forest planning and the development of agroforestry planning and management support tools are key. We also develop research on the ecology of fire, the capacity of forest systems to adapt and respond to natural disturbances, and the prevention of large forest


R+D lines and Transfer

  • Forest dynamics and global change
  • Adaptive silviculture and forest management models
  • Multifunctional forest planning and modelling
  • Forests and water cycles
  • Large fire prevention, fire ecology and forest restoration
  • Forest diseases and invasive pathogens
  • Forest soils, organic fertilisers and carbon sinks
  • Forest management and carbon sequestration
  • Forest plantations, agroforestry and silvopastoral systems
Working areas

/ Impacts of climate change and improved resistance of forest systems to various disturbances

/ Effects of soil use changes in the dynamics and operation of forests

/ Silviculture models and recommendations for forest management and planning, adapted to the current context (natural disturbances, multifunctionality and provision of ecosystem services)

/ Modelling forest dynamics and operation under different climate conditions and forest management

/ Prevention of large forest fires and integration of fire in forest management and post-fire restoration

/ Development of tools for analysis of the spatial variation and temporal dynamics of the composition and structure of the forest and undergrowth

/ Detection of forest pathogens via innovative techniques

/ Sustainable management of agrosilvopastoral systems and their integration on livestock farms

/ Forest plantations and agroforestry systems of high productive and environmental value

/ Chemistry of organic soil material, humic amendments and fertilisers

/ Land carbon cycle and recovery of carbon stocks in agroforestry systems

Multifunctional forest management team program
Piqué Nicolau, Míriam
Head of programme

Head of group
Beltrán Barba, Mario
Sustainable forest management
Casals Tortras, Pere
Coll Mir, Lluís
Forest Functioning & Dynamics
Piqué Nicolau, Míriam
Sustainable forest management
Rovira Castellà, Pere A.
Soils and fertilizers

Researchers / Specialists
Améztegui González, Aitor
Forest Functioning & Dynamics
Coello Gómez, Jaime
Sustainable forest management
Collado, Eduardo
Garcia Pausas, Jordi
Maris, Stefania
Soils and fertilizers
Martín Gómez, Paula
Forests and water

Oliva, Jonàs
Forest pathology
Piqué Altés, Gemma
Forests and water
Rodrigues Mimbrero, Marcos
Taüll Taüll, Marc
Valor Ivars, Teresa
Forest fires and resilient landscapes
Vega-García, Cristina
Forest Functioning & Dynamics

Technicians / PhD Students
Busquets Olivé, Eduard
Sustainable forest management
Delgado, Ruth
Vegetation Modeling
Gallego, Maria del Mar
Llena, Guillem
Méndez, Ana Lucía
Navarro Prados, Sònia
Sustainable forest management

Pallarés Pascual, Mar
Vilà Vilardell, Lena

Associate members
Juvinyà González, Carla
Nadal Sala, Daniel
Sánchez Pinillos, Martina
Vericat Grau, Pau